March 24, 2016

Fail! --On the Blogging not the Midterms ;)

Soooooo I had this GREAT idea that I would start this blog as a chronicle of the adventures and my life while living in Grenada, while going to vet school. HAHA silly me! I thought I would have time to quickly make a few posts here and there on a regular basis. HAHA silly me!! Midterms are over now, and the next round of quizzes is looming only just a week away and I am only settling in to my what is it- 3rd post? -I apologize. The good news is that while I have been busy with a canine dissection in anatomy lab, lectures on the heart and every way it can FAIL in physiology, Histology lectures and labs full of cells, secretions, functions and even embryology, I have not stopped making my little list of things I would like to blog about. So that means that albeit late, you will still get to live it like a play by play. Now its just like PVR instead of real time ;)

So to complete the school update, overall midterms did go OK...While I am not happy with a few of my grades, they are all really fine and at the end of the day it is SOooooo much more rewarding to study about things that interest me--that fascinate me and that I love to learn about! Not one of my classes doesnt fascinate me...actually that's a lie. Let's say "ALL of the CORE classes are awesome" there's a couple small 2-credit headaches I could really do without....that I wonder HOW can possibly be so poorly orchestrated....

Life on the island continues to be full of warm weather and mostly sunny skies. There is the occasional downpour--where the rain comes down in such copious volumes that you wonder how there can even be enough air left floating around for oxygen consumption! It is the dry season now, which, in a way resembles fall weather that I am used to -- leaves on the ground and dry brown grass. But then you look around and although some trees are bare, others are in full bloom! It is a stark and mentally confusing contrast for this Canadian!

Ok: So that update over, my goal is to post again this weekend and include some details about the house (the good, the less good and the plain freaking pathetic) For now I will leave you with these: notice the way the moon is "facing" --its like the cheshire cat!! :)

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