February 03, 2010

February 3rd? Where did January go?

I can't believe it is February! ...never mind February...it's the 3rd already and WEDNESDAY!! Who sped up the clock? lol....hmmmm maybe that's what happens when I get busy creating. MAYBE that's why it is so easy to scrapbook for hours and hours at a time, because really to me it only feels like a few minutes. Here's what I entered into a challenge on Savvy n' Sassy today.

The goal was to use more than 2 different kinds of letters, and ribbon-of COURSE...because that is really what Savvy n' Sassy is all about. They are the GO-TO girls for ribbons of all and any sorts worth having!! You can check out the site HERE and look for more of my work in my gallery there! Im Froghollow, of course!

Hoppy Scrappin!

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